New Year is around the corner.

Brand New Resolutions and Newly formed goals sparkling among each individual. The vibrant energy of The City Of Joy(Kolkata) is encouraging people to set goals.

Talking about me, I am a high spirited yet crestfallen soul who is a bewildered butterfly. Wanting to fly on every side, on all sides, in all directions but is standing still and puzzled at the starting point itself.

Today this confused soul finally took her first step. A step, which can bring her happy soul or which can take her to an endless or countless number of journeys.

Rambling towards the streets of shyambazar, seeking for a Titan store, but which unknowingly lead me towards an unknown street. A street in the afternoon, where hawkers are still in search of customers, Officers are lunching around the corner dhabas(roadside foodstall) and few of the wanderers like me roaming around.

Keeping aside my introvert nature, I asked a lady for the way to ganga ghat. She grinned and made me go through by an easy way.

Walking towards the Bagbazar Ghat, I did not realized that I’ve been walking from an hour now. As I was coming closer to the ghat, the alluring vision of the flowing ganga generated calm vibes which calmed my inner peace.

I walked towards the Ghat where a bunch of teen girls were chattering, indistinctly. I stepped in and asked about the tickets to the ferry ride.

After availing the tickets, I sat down on the stairs by the riverside. The breeze made my hair flip all over my face and the vibration over the place made me realize that a person can be more than a person in complete silence. There was a deep conversation between the two sides of me.

First one is the Miss. Confident who cannot stop talking, can sing, can dance freely, can dream of wonders without hesitating but all of these behind the door.

Second one is Miss. Introvert who never shows off or exaggerates just puts her mask of being good and being shy and carries throughout infront of the world.

When in the deep silence amidst the river, Miss.Confident and Miss. Introvert met, they were so suprised to feel in a certain way which was a feeling of ‘Being Me’. I felt being the real me for the very first time. No pretending or No hiding, It was just me Smiling.

This ordinary ferry ride made me realized that I am living like a zombie. I need to get my happy soul back in me.

It’s 2018 now. I don’t know about my resolution but I did my realisation. I can’t change the past but ofcourse I can make my future better. So, Cheers to a New Beginning.

Happy New Year 2018. 🤗


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